Take Action NOW!  

“You may not be able to take as big a step as you want, but you MUST take as big a step as you can and you MUST DO IT NOW!” -Ziglar

There are a lot of great philosophers among us these days.  Everyone loves to talk about what they are going to do and their great strategies. Over time, however, I have noticed that very few people ever act on what they talk about.  Instead, they talk about why other people’s strategies are flawed, or how somone else got ahead by dishonest means.  Meanwhile, other than becoming better phillosophers, they make no progress because they take NO REAL ACTION.  

Today’s message is simple.  Talk is cheap.  Action is what matters.  Andy Stanley in his leadership podcast says (to hiring leaders), “hire doers, not thinkers.”  I believe I speak for all leaders when I say, that while I am absolutely grateful for wise discussion, I am most grateful for action and progress.  True leaders are a catalyst for action, NOT theory, conjecture and rhetoric.  

In closing, I want to draw your attention to the fact that time always moves at the same pace. As it elapses, we are left with less time to accomplish our very best in life.  With every second our potential impact can be diminished.  Take time now to simplify your life, assess what matters and focus your time to ensure a maximum impact.  You will never do 50 things well.  Stive for excellence through ACTION in the few areas of life that matter most.  Stop putting it off and spending time in front of the tv, thumbing through worthless arguments on social media and consuming “constantly negative news(CNN).”  Take ACTION. 

 If you only want to talk forever and never really do anything then go teach philosophy at a college.  For those of us who need to produce something meaningful in life, TAKE MASSIVE ACTION TODAY!  
-Get to it friends!  


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